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  • 13th Avenue (Garfield to Washington)
  • Bob Straub Parkway (57th Street to Brand S Road)
  • Central & E. Lane Overlay (Marcola Road and Pearl Street)
  • East 46th Avenue (Donald to Willamette) and Donald Street (46th Avenue to Fox Hollow)
  • East Broadway and Coburg Road
  • Franklin/McVay Sanitary Sewer Extension
  • Glenwood Boulevard & E. 17th Ave.
  • I-5/Beltline Interchange Unit 3
  • I-5/Willamette River Bridge Replacement
  • Lane Co Signals
  • Main Street Pedestrian Crossings
  • Monroe, Madison and First Avenue
  • N. Springfield Slurry Project
  • Olive Street (11th to 13th)
  • OR 58 Willamette Highway: M.P. 51.6 Slide Repair
  • OR 58: Salt Creek Tunnel and Half Viaducts
  • OR126B: Willamette River Bridge (Springfield) Rehabilitation
  • Roosevelt Boulevard (Danebo to Terry)
  • South Bank Viaduct Path Extension
  • South Willamette Street Overlay (52nd Ave. to Fox Hollow Road)
  • West Eugene EmX Extension Working together to keep you moving