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2018 Wastewater Lateral Rehabilitation

Completed: No
Jurisdiction: City of Eugene Mode: Road

• Includes W. 18th Avenue from Bailey Hill Rd. to Greiner Street.
• Wastewater mains were rehabilitated by installing Cure In Place Pipe (CIPP) liners in 2018. To complete the 2nd phase of the project all wastewater service laterals will be excavated and replaced within the public right-of-way.
• Work will also include reconstructing sidewalks and paving trenches excavated in the street during the process.
• This project is part of the continuing efforts by the City to reduce infiltration of groundwater into the wastewater collection system.

Business Access During Construction? Yes
Traffic Impacts:

• Drivers should expect lane closures and lane shifts during construction.
• Pedestrians should expect sidewalk detours during the sidewalk work.
• Bicyclists should expect to merge with motor vehicle traffic depending on available lane widths during construction.
• With any construction, drivers should expect equipment and workers in the roadway leading to congestion and delays during the work.

Work Schedule:

• This project is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2018.
• Prior to the start of street construction, the City’s contractor will contact affected residents regarding limited availability of your sewer.


• The source of funding is Wastewater User Fees collected from all property owners across the city at no additional cost to property owners.

Contact: David Starns
Project Notes: Working together to keep you moving